Face Painting

Face-painting, or face and body art, has come a long way in recent years. Luckily for us, the UK is home to some of the world's finest face-painters! We can provide face-painting for children and adults on a variety of themes, for example, Zoo Animals, Under the Sea, Halloween, Christmas, etc. There is always unending demand for face-painting and it is ideal for any situation where kids need to be kept occupied. Adults are often amazed at the subdued nature of their child in the face-painting chair, and often ask to be painted themselves! Face-painters provided by Aviatricks use only the highest quality face-paints, e.g. Fardel, Snazaroo and Grimas.

Face-painting can be done with Ultra-Violet reactive paint for use in night clubs to create a dazzling effect under UV light.

The Aviatricks face-painter, Val Beattie, is a member of FACE, the UK Face-Painting Association and holds a current Disclosure Scotland Certificate. We are the official face-painters for Edinburgh Zoo and have been painting tigers, koalas and ring-tailed lemurs there to raise money for their Conservation effort since Easter 2005!

If you have any questions about our face-painting or anything else, please contact us to discuss your requirements.